About Garage Rock Brewing

Garage Rock Brewing documents the beery adventures of me, Joe Van Horn.

Many great ideas, innovations and inspired moments were conceived when one passionate person started tinkering around with things in their garage. I’m going to work at creating more of these moments in my life. Many will involve beer.

I started homebrewing in 2007. The kitchen of the old Logan Square (Chicago) apartment that I shared with my then girlfriend became my brewery. Since then, I married that girlfriend, relocated to a house in the Chicago suburbs, moved the brewery out to the garage, and traded in malt extract for milled grain and bottles for kegs.

In this short period of a few years I’ve gotten a bit better at this whole brewing thing. I’m a better brewer today than when I started, anyway. I’ve still got much to learn. And I will. You can read all about it here if you like. I’ll probably write about Rock ‘N’ Roll some, too. I always do sooner or later. Besides, in my world, beer and rock go together like Bobby and Whitney. If I’m brewing up, I’m rocking out…in the garage.

Garage. Rock. Brewing.  And now you know how I named my brewhouse.


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